The home buyers toolbox

Rohit Communities understands that not all buyers are created equal and everyone’s home buying experience and needs are different. We have a wide array of different offerings to cater to just what you’re looking for – whether you’re a first time home buyer, or looking to build an investment property with a legal basement suite – we’ve got you covered. Take a look and what we have to offer and ask your sales representative for details!

Build a Secondary Suite

Use your secondary suite to generate extra income or allow extended family to live near by.

Referral Bonus

Refer a friend and receive $1,000 when they purchase a Rohit home.

Rohit Sells Your Home

Want to purchase but need to sell your current home? Avoid the headache and heartache of listing your home, Rohit will take care of the process and listing fees.

Civil Servant Appreciation

Special promotions are available as a thank you for your service.

First Time Buyer RRSP

Take advantage of the government’s Home Buyers plan – only $3000 down payment is needed to get you started in your first Rohit home.

Lite Spec Savings

Several standard interior and exterior features are available in our lite spec to help accommodate your budget. Over $10,000 in savings available to you!

Vendor Discount

Receive a 1% discount if you are a Rohit Communities trade partner.

Rent While You Wait

Utilize a Rohit rental property while your new home is being built.

Telus Promo

Receive one free year of Telus service.