• Homebuyer Confidence Sessions

    Helping you feel better about where you live starts with learning the ins and outs of buying a home.

The first step on your homebuying journey

Buying your first, second, or even fifth home is an exciting step in life, but it’s also stressful. Between paperwork, lawyers, realtors and home searching, the homebuying process can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.

The Rohit Communities Homebuyer Confidence Sessions are short workshops designed to help you feel more confident about buying your home—from searching to closing the deal.

They’re also completely FREE, and you are under no obligation to buy a Rohit Communities product. We want to help you feel better about where you live, and this starts with a smoother homebuying process for everyone.

If you missed a seminar and don’t want to wait for the next one, you can view the videos below.

Seminar 1.0: Getting Ready to Buy

Discover the best ways to save for a home, how to apply for a mortgage and start your home search.

Seminar 2.0: Buying Like an Expert

Learn how to make an offer on a home, to complete the purchase, prepare for possession and to take possession.

Seminar 3.0: Building Like an Expert

    This seminar will walk you through the difference between a custom and production style home, the stages of construction and preparing for possession.

    Taught by homebuying experts, the sessions cover:

    • Budgets
    • Mortgages
    • Where and how to search for a home
    • Home inspections
    • Offer to purchase
    • How to close a sale
    • Who to hire
    • How to build a home (should you decide to go that route)
    • And so much more

    Download our house hunting checklists and budget sheets here. However, there’s much more information in the booklet you’ll receive in-person, so we recommend you try to make it to get the full benefit.