Relax into comforting warmth. Be invigorated by refined details.

Two worlds meet at the coast: earth and water. Each of these natural elements has its own unique beauty. The earth provides stability and comfort, while water tempts us with adventure and excitement. Together, they create perfect harmony. With the Coastal Villa Designer Interior, we’ve brought that harmony into your home. Earthy materials like wood and quartz fill your home with calming warmth, while refined details refresh your senses.

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Magazine-Worthy Designer Interiors

Coastal Villa is one of three Designer Interiors created by Rohit Communities Regina. The details come standard so that you can have a home you love at an attainable price. Every element of our Designer Interiors is professionally curated to create a cohesive, magazine-worthy atmosphere. We overthink design, so you don’t have to. No matter what Designer Interior you choose, your price won’t change.