Find Your Forever Home in Regina

Find Your New Forever Home in Regina!

Rohit Communities was built on the foundation of building strong communities and bringing people together. We are proud to introduce our line of homes to the City of Regina, a place where a strong sense of community thrives. We understand that your home is with you through memories, milestones, laughter and love, and Rohit Communities wants to build you the place that you’ll call your forever home.

With unique exterior and floor plan designs, you’re sure to find a Rohit Communities home that’s just right for you. As a leading home builder for over 30 years in Edmonton and Fort McMurray, we are committed to bringing the same level of building expertise to Regina. Rohit has received multiple awards at the local, provincial, and national levels, including receiving the prestigious title of Edmonton’s Home Builder of the Year four times.


Important: New Saskatchewan Tax Changes

With the recent provincial budget– you may have to pay more for new homes after April 1st.

Effective April 1, a 6% PST now applies to the full cost of labour and materials used to build your home. Our rough estimate predicts our average home will be costlier by about $3000 to $7,500. Some of the cost increases are immediate and some will be gradually over a period of time. Given the economy today this will make it a lot tougher for young families to buy a home.

As a business we work hard to ensure that our homes are attainable. As a starting point we are holding, for the moment, our low prices for all homes that are currently under construction. To avoid any price increase – reserve your home before April 1st. Our commitment is that we will work hard with our trade partners to minimize the impact of the tax. Despite our best attempts some price increases look very likely.
We have a limited supply of soon to be move-in-ready homes available today. Contact us to view and reserve your home! Our sales team will work extended hours until April 1st to help as many customers as possible.
If you have any questions please contact one of our sales managers below and we will happily help.


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