• Caught Working Safe

    Rohit Communities is devoted to safety in the workplace and our history of workplace dedication and the Caught Working Safe program can attest to that! When a workplace is safe, you can feel more comfortable and confident that your new home is built right.



Why safety?

In an industry as dynamic as ours, it’s so easy for safety to take a back seat to production – it makes sense, you’re excited to move into your new home and we’re just as excited to build it!  The truth is, safety should always be a top priority because a culture built around a habit of excellence in safety is also dedicated to performing their jobs the right way. Our long history of safety excellence and our innovative “Caught Working Safe” program is a testament to our commitment to safety and changing the game in the construction business.

Traditionally, safety on the construction site focuses on disciplining the people who are not working safe, Rohit Communities aims to take a refreshing new approach by rewarding those that demonstrate safe work practices and strive to create a better environment for everyone involved. It’s not about reprimanding those that don’t follow legislation, it’s about influencing how people think about safety.  We want the people building your home to be excited about safety, to go above and beyond and create a fun, infectious energy that others can’t help but emulate. At the end of the day, it’s just the right thing to do.  We want to make sure that all our trade partners and employees get back home safely, and an industry-wide trend of greater safety will only push us to become better.

The Caught Working Safe Program

How it works

Caught Working Safe is about taking safety to the next level! For Rohit Communities, we look at areas of proper safety training, PPE, necessary paperwork, and regular equipment inspection. Anyone on site “caught” going above and beyond the minimum requirements of safety is rewarded – each act is worth 1 entry into a grand prize draw for $2000 every quarter, with additional monthly prizes awarded throughout.

Make it your own

Rohit Communities invites all trades and builders to take part in the Caught Working Safe program! It is our core belief that safety is a fundamental part of business and the industry as a whole, and not just exclusively for large organizations who can afford to create a full safety program. Caught Working Safe is already catching on and we want you to be a part of it! We’ve already done the leg work, just send an email to safety@rohitgroup.com and we’ll send you any marketing materials and safety manuals that you need. Caught Working Safe is a continuously evolving program and can be customized to fit the unique needs of each company, industry, and the people that work within them. Ultimately the idea is to create a universally recognizable program – with presence in all work sites, company vehicles, manuals, and website – that will push safety to the forefront and create a safer future for all


More questions? Call the Safety Advisor at 780-906-9760