Ignite your spirit of adventure.

Ignite your inner world traveler.

Boho Chic is a collection of eclectic, globally inspired pieces that come together in a stylish space. The bespoke blue cabinetry finished with antique gold and brass hardware, adds a touch of old-world charm. Every detail works together seamlessly to create rooms that are beautiful to look at and functional to live in.

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Magazine-Worthy Designer Interiors

Boho Chic is one of the Designer Interiors created by Rohit Communities. The details come standard so that you can have a home you love at an attainable price. Every element of our Designer Interiors is professionally curated and inspired by global design trends that are taken straight from the pages of a magazine. From the light fixtures down to the hinges, we overthink design, so you don’t have to. No matter what magazine-worthy Designer Interior you choose, your price won’t change.