Green Living embraces a more sustainable way of living. Careful consideration has been put into every finish to ensure that the materials used are more environmentally friendly without sacrificing style. Natural finishes including horizontal grain cabinetry, graphite quartz, and concrete-look luxury vinyl tile flooring are key elements in this design.

Key Elements

The Green Living home was thoughtfully crafted and curated. The organic lifestyle is made possible through the use of environmentally conscious materials and streamlined design. Warm woods, polished chrome, and cooler tones create a harmonious feel. Horizontal lines and strategically placed LED lighting create a fresh, ageless look. The result is a style that celebrates the beauty of nature and your commitment to the planet.

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The Green Living home is for those who dream of inhaling the crisp Rocky Mountain air, strolling through farmers’ markets in the summer sun, or exploring new cities by bicycle. It is an embodiment of both strong values and a unique sense of style. Inspired by nature and the desire to reduce our impact on the environment, all elements of this style were chosen for their beauty and environmentally conscious properties. A Green Living home lets you, and the planet, breathe easy.

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