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Your New Neighbourhood

When you buy a home in a new neighbourhood, you are buying the future potential of the new community and knowing that your investment will increase as the area matures. However, every new community has growing pains and ugly duckling stages.
Streetscape - corner duplex
Here’s 3 tips to make your new neighbourhood a wonderful community.
  1. Local roads
While new homes are under construction on or near your street, builders and developers will do their best to maintain a clean and safe neighbourhood. The roads will usually be swept for debris by the developer. However, winter makes street sweeping difficult if not impossible. As the snow melts there may be construction debris on the roadways that had previously been covered. Don’t hesitate to tell the builder or developer about the debris but also be a good neighbour and pick up any nails or screws that you see.
  1. Snow removal and safe sidewalks
When winter is upon us, be a responsible homeowner and clear your sidewalk of ice and snow. Keep yourself and neighbours safe as kids play and people walk their dogs down the sidewalks. (Read our blog on keeping your driveway and sidewalks looking like new.) 
If your street need to be snow plowed, it is generally the municipality’s responsibility to remove snow off the streets. Stay informed and check your city’s website (Edmonton, Calgary, Regina) for details on their snow clearing schedule. 
  1. Community cleanliness
Builders do their best to contain and remove all construction debris. However, if you find that a lot has become an eyesore, feel free to contact the builder. All reputable builders want a beautiful and safe neighbourhood and will do their best to respond quickly and clean up.
Create a community you are proud to live in by taking care of your home, your neighbourhood and your investment.