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A Well-Maintained Furnace is a Happy Furnace

With winter in the prairies nipping at our heels it is time to start thinking about how to keep your furnace functioning at its best.

Some very important furnace maintenance tips are as follows:

  • A general rule of thumb is to change your furnace filter twice a year, the easiest way to remember to do this is to change the filter when you are changing your clocks in the spring and fall (if you live in a province where this occurs).
    • If you live in a community that is still a very active construction site or if you live in a home with pets, we recommend that you check your furnace filter monthly and anticipate changing the filter at least once per quarter.
  • If your furnace has a humidifier attached to it, you should also be changing the filter on it a minimum of once per year. The new filter should ideally be replaced in the fall as the weather turns to colder conditions.
  • Keep your furnace and ducts clean. There are many companies that service furnaces at a very reasonable rate, prior to the colder months it will provide peace of mind if you know your furnace is clean and functioning as intended.
  • Your furnaces vent to the outside of your home. Please walk the exterior of your home in the colder months and understand where the furnace vents so that you can ensure there is no ice build-up on the vent.  If you see any ice building up please ensure that you clear that ice from the venting pipe.  If you allow the ice to build up and totally block the venting pipe it will choke off your furnace and the furnace will be rendered inoperable.

By Tiffany VanderPutten, Customer Care Manager, Rohit Communities