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A Tri-What?  Redefining the Townhome

Say “Hello” to our Big Home concept!  We believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice on curb appeal and space when it comes to duplex and townhome living.  Our unique product lines are constantly evolving to suit the needs of our customers and the communities we build in!

rohit communities single family home

Buying a new home can seem complicated, especially if all the lingo doesn’t make much sense.  Have no fear, Rohit is here!  You’ve likely heard the term Duplex or Semi-Detached.  Often used interchangeably, a duplex or semi-detached is two homes sharing one common wall (which we refer to as the party wall – more about that later), but what about a Triplex?

Our tri-home builds are designed to maximize interior space, parking, curb appeal and create a superior look and feel throughout the community.  The concept of a triplex is relatively simple: three unique floor plans arranged just so.  Two “exterior” units and one “interior unit” built to look like one large house.  These “Big Homes” give you choice of an attached or detached garage, a backyard with private deck and of course space that’s distinctively yours.

The benefits don’t end there!  There’s some great advantages to living the Triplex (or Duplex) life…

  • It’s affordable: We’ve created affordable, stylish multifamily homes that you’ll be proud to come home to.  So, you can keep your lifestyle AND have the home of your dreams!
  • There’s less maintenance: Go from cutting the grass to lounging on the deck in ten minutes.
  • It’s safe and secure: Living in close proximity means that you’ll get to know your neighbours and feel a sense of protectiveness for one another.
  • You won’t hear your neighbours (seriously): We build our common, party walls, to keep your sound in and their sound out!

We promise, it’s not too good to be true!  Check out our line of duplex and townhomes including triplex units for yourself.  You’ll also find that we have several other inspired multifamily home concepts that truly redefine what townhome living is all about!