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Landscaping Tips & Tricks to Care for your Lawn

You know the saying, “the grass is always greener on the other side?”  Well frankly, we beg to differ. Use these quick and easy landscaping tips and tricks to keep your grass greener!

You just laid down sod… now what?

  • Water your lawn right away! Water it to the point where the soil is wet to a depth of approximately 1” below the sod.
  • Don’t forget those corners and edges. They dry out faster than the rest of the lawn.
  • How much water does your lawn need? About an inch per week (rain helps). But be careful … light watering can prevent deep root growth and overwatering can prevent air from getting to the roots.
  • And the best time of day to water? In the morning and evenings. Mid-day watering can burn your lawn and uses more water (hello, savings!).
  • Still unsure? Follow the below schedule for the first three weeks for optimal lawn health:
Landscaping tips - Rohit Water and Mow Table
Water and Mow Schedule

You’ve never used a lawn mower? No problem!

  • Need a mower recommendation? We are fans of mulching lawnmowers. The mulch of your freshly cut grass serves as a natural fertilizer.
  • Sharpen those blades! The sharper the blade, the better your chances for avoiding water loss and lawn disease.
  • And yes, there is such thing as the perfect grass height. It’s 2-3” (5-8 cm) tall. If your grass is too tall, you’ll be more susceptible to weeds. No one wants that!
  • Remember, as a rule of thumb, never cut more than a third of your grass height at once.

Some good things to know

  • Your sod might already be fertilized! Ask your provider if you need more.
  • If you do need more fertilizer, never apply it to damp grass. You’ll run the risk of burning your lawn.
  • Like a new baby, your lawn requires a gentle touch. Try staying off the sod as much as possible for the first month. If you do need to be on the lawn, take different walking paths each time. 

Show your trees some love

  • Keep them hydrated! Make sure to water your trees anytime the soil is dry 3-4” below the ground.
  • They’re looking a little wilted? Then you may have over-watered or under-watered. If you’re not sure, water your tree well. If the leaves do not perk up after a few hours, then you have indeed overwatered. But not to worry, just give them a break until the next water.


Congratulations! You are green thumb certified. Go show your neighbours whose grass is greener!  

Remember, these landscaping tips are meant as a guideline only. Be sure to talk to your landscaping professional for further questions and advice.

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