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Tips to Stay Fit this Thanksgiving

Wow! Where has the time gone? I feel like we flew through September – almost skipping the month and jumping right into October. I am sure a few of you are like me and can’t believe that Thanksgiving is on Monday; and although Thanksgiving comes around only once a year, why not splurge on all the delicious food and treats? Right?

Well let me share with you some food for thought! North Americans are estimated to consume over 3,000 to 5,000 calories during a Thanksgiving dinner. Yikes! And let’s be honest, some of us have multiple Thanksgiving dinners meaning we could be consuming way over 10,000 calories this long weekend. Research even suggests that lots of people will likely gain over 1 pound during Thanksgiving – keeping that extra weight permanently.

But not to fear! You can have your cake and eat it too (literally) with these 3 simple tips to stay Fit this Thanksgiving!

Burn Thanksgiving Food

1. Healthy Eating!

Alright let’s be realistic, a lot of the delicious food during Thanksgiving is not healthy. But there are ways to limit how much we consume. First, be sure to hydrate with some H20 throughout the day and remember to drink LOTS of water before dinner. Not drinking enough water may spark hunger pains due to dehydration, and drinking 1 glass of water before dinner ensures you feel fuller sooner! Another tip is to go easy on the booze this weekend. Liquid calories can quickly add up. So either skip on the booze altogether (ideal) or stick to healthier choices (more realistic) like vodka soda or a screwdriver. – Also: Always Be Safe and Please don’t Drink & Drive this long weekend!

Healthy Turkey 2

2. Portion Sizes!

One of the easiest things your can do is use a smaller plate for dinner. With a larger plate we are more likely to fill it up full! Opt to choose a smaller plate size which will force you to take smaller portions. Also, before going up for seconds wait 20 minutes and see if you feel full or if you are actually still hungry. Lastly, it is the holidays so don’t deny dessert. Rather enjoy them in moderation. Stick to only one slice of pumpkin pie or apple crumble for the evening and enjoy every bite!

 Your Thanksgiving Plate

3. Get Active!

The weather in Edmonton is supposed to be beautiful this long weekend! So instead of sitting on the couch feeling stuffed like a turkey why not head to a nearby park with the whole family and play some catch, flag football, or go for a nice walk around the neighbourhood. If your family is crazy like mine you could even turn up the tunes and have a dance party as you wash dishes and clean up the kitchen.


Turkey & Pie


The Turkey Workout: Do you have 16 minutes to spare? Why not fit in a quick cardio/strength workout. These four simple exercises are sure to burn some calories and get you sweating with using only your body weight.

You will be completing each exercise separately for 4 rounds and you will be working for 45 seconds and taking a 15 second break between each set. The workout is below:

Jumping Jacks = 45 seconds of work. 15 second break. 4 rounds. Total Time = 4 minutes.

Air Squats – 45 seconds of work. 15 second break. 4 rounds. Total Time = 4 minutes.

Burpees – 45 seconds of work. 15 second break. 4 rounds. Total Time = 4 minutes.

Push-ups – 45 seconds of work. 15 second break. 4 rounds. Total Time = 4 minutes.

Total workout time: 16 minutes!


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!