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The Dos and Don’ts of Planning a Holiday Party

With the holidays coming up, it’s time to get your home party-ready before your guests arrive. The following are a list of dos and don’ts for hosting your own festive get together.


Encourage a dress code
Whether it’s a black tie event or ugly sweater party, encourage your guests
to keep up with the theme you’ve chosen. Sticking to a theme can reduce
the stress or confusion of choosing an outfit and will make your pictures
from the evening look a lot more unified.




Decorate your home

Before your guests arrive, spread a little Christmas cheer around your home.
Decorations will help bring your theme together. Whether you’re looking for
a quick store bought Santa or a handmade craft, there are plenty of ideas online
and in store. For inspiration, try browsing Pinterest, Etsy, or Michaels


Make seasonal food & drinks

Keep your theme alive with festive treats and beverages. Create your own
yuletide cocktail or stick with classic eggnog. With a little creativity, you can
turn any snack into a holiday treat. Holiday-shaped cookie cutters are a great
way to make biscuits or cookies stick with your theme.




Repeat Frosty the Snowman

A Christmas throwback may bring up jolly feelings, but it’s important to
diversify your evening playlist. Look on 8tracks or Songza for modern
covers of holiday songs or alternate your festive music with smooth jazz.

Enforce expensive gift-buying

Low-cost gift exchanges or donations to charity are a great alternative when
you’re trying to keep with tradition and stay on a budget. The holidays can be
a financially stressful time and so it’s important to keep a reasonable budget
in mind with friends and family.

Limit your celebration

Christmas is not the only holiday around the corner. If you’re worried about
inviting guests who don’t celebrate Christmas, there’s not hurt in throwing
a more generic winter wonderland party. Snowflakes, mistletoe, and candy
canes never go out of style.

Skip the details

The little things really do add up to complete the look of your party. From the
invitations you send out to the napkins on your table, small holiday touches
will make your guests feel merry.

With these tips in mind and a little luck you’ll feel like a real event planner in no time!


Blog courtesy of Lindsay Jessup