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Storage for Small Spaces

If you live in a small space or have before, you know that storage is always a problem. There is a solution though! Many small space livers have been devising plans on how to utilize all the area they have in stylish, creative, and conventional ways. We’ll get into the nitty gritty of some of one of our favourites here.

Narrow Hallway Turned Mudroom

You’ve been presented with the task of turning a narrow hallway leading to an exterior door, into a functional room where friends and family can take off their jackets and shoes without getting stuck. While this may seem like a near impossible task we’ve seen the work of a few handy-heroes who have found the perfect solution. Creating a narrow space for hanging jackets and storing shoes and other outdoor necessities has proved to be both beautiful and functional. Can’t imagine it? Here’s an example:

 Mudroom in Narrow Hallway


Laundry Spaces

Maximizing living space can mean minimizing laundry space. We are definitely ok with having more room to play! This does mean we need to make the most of the spaces we have for laundry. Need some ideas? Tilted shelving for easy access to laundry baskets, hooks, clothing rods, rolling caddies, and shoe organizers can help you to make the most of this space! See some ideas below!









Battling for Bathroom Space

Small spaces get our creative juices running for ways to manage our products! Maybe you are struggling with your hair tools, supplements, jewelry… or maybe you are struggling with someone who has all those things and more… Fear no more, we have a couple of ideas that we’ve borrowed. We encourage you to do the same!
Filing Cabinet for Hair Tools










There are so many options and creative ways you can maximize your storage! Have any great ideas to share? Email us at!