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#RohitDIY: Uplifting New Nordic Floral Arrangement

Bring the spring season indoors with this beautiful and uplifting New Nordic inspired floral arrangement.

A loose floral arrangement using white blooms and greenery in a textured white vase is the perfect centerpiece for your dining room. Try a mix of hydrangea, silver dollar eucalyptus, sea holly, green berry hypericum, green viburnum, delphinium, and long grass.

What you need:

  • Mixture of fresh, loose stems of white blooms and greenery
  • Textured white vase
  • Sharp knife


1. CUT

Fill your vase with warm water and cut your blooms with a sharp knife instead of kitchen scissors. This will ensure that your blooms stay fresh and lively for a longer period of time. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not necessary to cut your stems underwater!


Start by filling your vase with smaller greens and blooms, ensuring that the stems in the back are taller, and the stems in the front are shorter. Include a variety of greens, mixing stems with round leaves, green berries, and small buds with strands of grass for a variety of textures.


Fills the gaps in your arrangement with bigger blooms and stems, ensuring there is a balance of colour and texture throughout the arrangement.


Change the water in your arrangement every 3 to 4 days and put the arrangement in a bright and sunny area with indirect light.


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