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#RohitDIY: Indoor Herb Garden

Enjoy the flavours of fresh garden herbs year-round with an indoor herb garden!

As savoury edition to your Green Living cooking and lifestyle, herbs are low maintenance, requiring a warm sunny spot and occasional watering.

You’ll need:

  • Fresh herbs
  • Small pots
  • Small stones
  • Potting mix
  • A watering can
  • A small table top greenhouse

Step One:

Prep your pots by adding a handful of small stones to the bottom. This will allow excess water to drain so that your herbs don’t drown. Next add a scoop of potting mix over the stones.

Step Two:

Dig a small well in the soil. Gently squeeze the herb out of the plastic container and place into the well. Fill the surrounding area around the herb with potting mix.

Step Three:

Gently press down around the base of the herb to ensure it is firmly set into the soil. Add more potting mix to fill the pot if needed, then water your herbs until the soil is damp.

Step Four:

Place your pots into your greenhouse and set it in a warm sunny spot in your house. When you want to add some more herbs to you cooking, simply snip off what you need with sharp gardening shears.

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