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Revolutionizing Townhome Condo Living

At Rohit Communities, innovation is at the centre of everything we do. We are constantly thinking of new ideas that serve the market and our customers best. In 2015, the product development team addressed a major need in the market by answering the question: “How do we help apartment renters move up into home ownership without breaking their budget?” At the time, the only two options available in the housing market for renters to move up were either apartment condos or regular row townhomes. The apartment condos presented them with their current living style whereas regular row townhomes at times could be priced out of reach. The product development team at Rohit addressed both elements with the introduction of a new product: townhome condominiums. The first townhome condos were launched in the community of Allard in Edmonton in summer of 2016, and now an evolution of the first townhome condos is taking ground in Edmonton’s Aurora as well as in Seton and Savanna in Calgary.

1. Townhome Living, Apartment Budget

The unique design of these townhome condos allows us to offer these units at a price point that is roughly the same as a three-bedroom apartment condo, but with lower condo fees. This means that if you may have thought you could previously only afford an apartment, you can now actually live in a townhome! And yes, 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms come standard. We also offer 1 bedroom, 1 bath units.

2. No shoveling snow, or sweeping off your car in the morning

The 3 bedroom units come with an attached garage, this means no more shoveling snow or scraping ice off your car on those cold winter mornings!

3. More privacy

The townhome condos are designed to offer more private and secluded areas within the home for a better living experience. For example, 1 bedroom units come with their own front yard. In the 3 bedroom units, the bedrooms are located on the top floor so that the living, entertainment and sleep areas are separated. Each 3 bedroom unit also comes with its own private balcony.

4. No more long treks through apartment building hallways

The townhome condos are designed in a stacked form which allows each unit to have its own separate entrance. This means no more sharing a common elevator or having to trek down a long hallway in an apartment condo.

5. Heat Control

Each unit comes with its own separate mechanical unit. This allows you to control the temperature in your home during winter independently of your neighbor’s heat temperature settings.

6. Windows Galore

These homes are fitted with maximum windows to allow natural light to flow in.

7. Welcoming Exterior

The townhome condos are built with high architecture guidelines to make for great curb appeal.

Designer Townhomes at Seton

8. Designer Interiors at no extra charge

At Rohit Communities, we have carefully crafted our interiors to give you a designer feel in your home. No matter the style of home you choose, whether it be a townhome, two-storey or bungalow, we firmly believe that everybody should feel good about where they live in. That’s why our homes are finished with one of six unique designer interiors offered at a standard price point– no matter which style you choose your price won’t change. With no upgrades required, we’re excited to bring magazine worthy homes to anyone searching for a designer home.