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‘Of Quartz’ You Want Quartz Countertops in Your Home!

Quartz has many great qualities which make it such a popular choice for countertops in people’s homes.

As a manmade product, quartz is what we call an “engineered stone.” Here are a few of the pros, but also cons of having quartz countertops in your home.

Pro: Highly Durable

Believe it or not, quartz is just as durable as natural granite or concrete! But with its manmade properties, it doesn’t have the same weaknesses seen in some natural stones such as marble. For instance, if not sealed correctly, porous stones can absorb liquids which cause bacteria or staining. This is not a problem you’ll find in your quartz, as quartz is a non-porous product all thanks to how it is manufactured.

Pro: Stunning Appearance

Because quartz is manmade and manufactured, it has a very wide range of looks. If you are looking for a natural appearance, or range of colour selections for your countertops, quartz is a great option. Because it can look like a natural product, it truly has a look of luxury and quality.


Con: Price Point

With quartz being a manmade product, you might not expect the high price tag that comes with it. At times, prices can reflect what you might find in natural stones such as granite, marble or slate.

On a positive note, at Rohit Communities you need not worry about this! Quartz is available as a standard in most of our designer interiors!* This means you don’t have to pay extra for beautiful and quality countertops in your new home.

*Quartz countertops are available as a standard in the kitchens of all Rohit homes, as well as the bathrooms of certain single family models. **  Contact a sales representative for more details.

**Excludes First Place Program townhomes, however is available as an upgrade.