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A Newbie’s First “Oscars” – CHBA Awards of Excellence

Rohit Ladies at CHBA Awards of Excellence CHBA Awards of Excellence Table Setting

It’s like the Oscars – red carpet style and swagger for the home building industry. This is my first year in the world of residential development and I had no idea how big of a deal The Awards of Excellence in Housing were. I also didn’t know that the theme of a Royal Ball would be taken to the next level – there was even a pumpkin-shaped Cinderella-esque carriage. Had I known what I know now, I might not have left buying my dress to 20 minute before closing the day before the event.

Cinderella Carriage

This annual event is an opportunity to recognize the fabulous work in the housing industry that people create and do in and around Edmonton. The talent we have in this city is unreal. What I loved most about this event was that the time and effort is taken to celebrate achievements with the community of other builders, vendors, real estate professionals, and trades people. It’s powerful to watch competitors and business partners come together in a room and greet each other with excitement and congratulations.

How do you know when it’s time for the event to start? Royal Entrance Fanfare. The sounding of trumpets caught me off guard and for a brief moment, I fully embraced the idea of being a Royal. Then the jitters set in. I had completed some of the submissions for the awards nominations and the thought of being adjudicated became VERY real.

The lights dimmed, more intense fanfare sounded, the scent of succulent appetizers wafted through the room, and the awards began. Taking it all in was nearly impossible. The first award for advertising named the finalists, and we were in it! And then our land team received it! Then a second one! It was surreal how many times I saw “Rohit Communities” or “Rohit Land Development” on the screen as a finalist. When I’m at work and compare my work to others, I often find a list of things that I would change in my work. This was a reality check. A panel of outside adjudicators liked our work!

Marketing Awards CHAB 2016

As the night progressed, awards were bestowed upon many deserving recipients. Then came the Leadership Award. The finalists were announced and we were one of them. I know our organization is committed to betterment of the industry and the world at large. I’ve seen it in my day to day work. However, when you are in an industry with many other great leaders, it’s hard to tell how the cards will fall.  “..And the winner is… Rohit Communities!” We had four tables of Rohit guests, and you would have guessed that there were twenty. Cheers erupted. My colleagues leapt (in their formal gowns and tuxes) out of their seats.

Leadership Award CHBA 2016

I didn’t think it was possible to be more proud or excited for an organization. Then it got even better. Finalists for Multi-Family Home Builder of the year were about to be announced. We were actually not sure where we would stand in the midst of the giants… and then our name was announced.

It occurred to me that I didn’t know what happens when the Builder of the Year is announced.

“…And the winner is… Rohit Communities!” Our four tables of people erupted again. It was surreal. Hugs and cheers and selfies ensued.  I probably looked like a deer in headlights – what do I now? One of my colleagues grabbed my arm and pulled me along up to the stage to receive the award.

I am relatively new to the organization, so my contribution to this success was minimal, microscopic even. What was remarkable, is that my team did not seem to consider that. They brought me along and celebrated as though I had been there the whole time. They included me in their traditions and merriment. This is the Rohit Difference. This is why this organization is alive and thriving.

The feeling of being a royal was amazing. What’s even better is being part of a team that is really more like a family.

Wahoo Home Builder of the Year 2016