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Move Into a Lucky Home

Moving into a new home is an exciting start to a new chapter in anyone’s life, and many cultures have several customs and traditions when doing so. Whether you are superstitious or not, a little luck doesn’t hurt! Try some of these age-old Chinese customs to bring prosperity into your home.

  1. Carry auspicious items like fresh fruits when you first walk into your home

Fruits like oranges, pomegranates, apples, and peaches represent prosperity, opportunity, safety, and good health respectively. It’s important not to walk in empty-handed!

  1. Open all the doors and windows of your home

Our harsh Canadian winters may make you reluctant to do this, but even for just a few minutes allowing air to flow through your home circulates the “qi” or positive energy throughout.


  1. Roll a pineapple around your home

It may seem silly but there is a reason behind using a pineapple specifically. Pineapple in Hokkien, a Chinese dialect, sounds similar to the term for “welcoming prosperity.” Simply roll the fruit around the home while saying words of good fortune!

  1. Boil water

Make sure to bring a kettle with you so that you can boil water on your stove. The Chinese believe that doing so ensures your home is always filled with warmth.


  1. Distribute lucky red pockets

Place red pockets filled with new, non-folded bills in places where you would typically your money (i.e. your desk, a safe, etc.) The belief is that this will multiply wealth coming into your home!

  1. Turn on all taps and stove

A good practice to do anyways, the last step of moving in is to turn on all your taps, stove, and any major electrical appliances you have. Not only does it ensure all components are running, but it also “activates” the good energy to flow in your home.

Try out some of these traditions and bring a little luck into your new home!