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Meet the Stars of our New Video – “You’re the One That We Want”

Teamwork makes the dream work…if the dream is a hilarious video production featuring your workmates doing the hand jive 

In a typical week, most people spend more waking hours with co-workers than they do their own families. So doesn’t it make sense to enjoy the people you work with? At Rohit, we think so. We work with so many interesting people. Unique hobbies, multiple languages, and secret talents abound. And what better way to get to know your colleagues than to spend your lunch hours learning the hand jive and lip-syncing!

Smart companies make time for socialization by encouraging teamwork and hosting team building initiatives and social events. At Rohit, we’ve taken it to a whole new level.

Let me introduce you to our latest corporate video “You’re the One That We Want”

The new video is a humorous twist on stale recruitment techniques, themed after the movie “Grease,” and features Rohit’s very own talented employees in the roles of Danny, Sandy and their retro crew as Danny goes through the process of becoming a “Rohitian.” A true team effort, the video was written and choreographed entirely by Rohit staff, and features dancers from sales analyst to safety officer and customer care to construction manager. 

So join us in getting to know two of the stars of our production – Alex and Lina.

Alex Gosselin – “Danny Zuko”

As Manager of Business Transformation Projects, Alex is responsible for all the key projects no one else actually wants at Rohit. His personality is a ray of sunshine and as you can see his face is one for radio. Alex was born in New Brunswick and somehow ended up in Edmonton out of free will after completing his Bachelor of Science from the University of Victoria, BC. Always working on new ideas and concepts, he is an active entrepreneur, company owner and brings an incredible amount of knowledge on how new ideas can fail so epically. Fun fact: Alex, being a horrible bio writer, wrote his first bio on a whim yet even today it remains published as originally submitted.

Q: Why do you love working at Rohit?

Alex: is a specific example of why I come to work every day. This is a small but fundamentally business changing product that through the support my team, colleagues and leaders, is exciting Rohit home buyers with weekly pictures of their new home as we build them. Isn’t that just flat-out awesome!? This is just one example of many projects I get to work on.

Essentially, I go home and ask myself often, “what else can I do tomorrow?” This question alone pushes me to new accomplishments and, at times, loss of hair. But I would not have it any other way. New ideas are a way of business at our company and are accepted, even desired. To top it off, I am supported by the best of the brightest in the business as I support them at every turn.  Even when marketing asks me to dance and lip sync in a music video 😉

“Real Estate Opportunity Company.” Yes, I 100% agree and that is why I work here.


Q: What attracted you to work at Rohit?

Alex: I knew my next adventure would be in real estate – follow the money I figured. When I saw Rohit posted a job and one that needed an IT background for transformation projects, I could not help but put my name in for this opportunity. The first interview had me so hooked. So much so that I drove straight home and built my first prototype for these crazy so-called “Rohitians.” I suppose I don’ need to tell you how the second interview went. So what attracted me to Rohit is how open we are with what we’e doing, how innovation and opportunity is a way of life, how we’re constantly looking for people like us, and where every day is a challenge.


Choreographer’s Note: Alex SLAYED the audition for Danny. Like Beyonce-style slay. There was no doubt he’d be Danny and it was from that moment that I knew this project would be awesome. I will leak his audition video one of the days…but I’m waiting until he’s famous and I can sell it for cash!


Lina Nguyen – “Sandy”

Lina’s work on the marketing team ranges between being the resident data miner and marketing champion for her communities. She graduated from the University of Alberta in 2015 with a BSc Specialization in Math and Economics, knowing that within the next years she would be completely different, but not knowing that it would be in such a positive way. Even when IT won’t fix her computer because they’re busy lip syncing and dancing in music videos, she immerses herself in dreaming of how Rohit Communities can continue to revolutionize the home buying (and building!) experience.

Q: Why do you love working at Rohit?

Lina: How could a Harry Potter loving, Pokemon Go playing, never slowing down for a second-ing, and always curious math nerd possibly fit into a company like Rohit? Well, let me tell you – I landed in the perfect starter position of Sales Analyst where I could crunch numbers all day, and get to work strategically with many other teams that helped me grow in many different directions! As my interests grew like a well chanted Engorgio spell, I ended up joining one of these adjoining teams (WOOP Marketing Team!) where I am now. Here I continue to learn every day, which is what I love most about working at Rohit!


Q:  What made you want to work at Rohit?

Lina: I applied at Rohit as a young gal on the cusp of graduation, not knowing one iota of anything with only the concern of unemployment looming before me. I submitted my resume, and did some research about the place. As an almost-new grad, I was beyond impressed with the diversity Rohit Group offers as a real estate company and knew I could definitely be there for some time.

Funny story, true story: one of the first social media posts I saw (before I even got the call back) was on Rohit Communities Facebook page with two nice looking women #twinning by wearing matching striped shirts. I smiled and thought it looked like a place with a good sense of humor.


Choreographer’s Note: I was one of the ladies #twinning that Lina mentioned above! Also I’ve worked with Lina on several serious projects and knew she was a rock star. What most people don’t know is that Lina was also the show runner for this production and coordinated the whole thing behind the scenes as well as killing it on camera.

So if you haven’t watched the video yet, get on it. And if you’re looking for a place to work that will challenge you AND offer you some dance lessons, get in touch.