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Living Greener…Why We Love IKEA!

Did you know that IKEA is one of Rohit Communities’ recommended shopping stores for our Green Living Designer Interior?  This is because, in 2015 IKEA set forth a mission to have all product materials be renewable, recyclable and/or recycled.

Reason #1 Why We love IKEA

IKEA makes it easy for you to recycle household items. IKEA will accept your cardboard packaging, light bulbs, batteries and drink containers. You can also recycle other household items with IKEA. Place your used regular light bulbs, low energy light bulbs (e.g. compact fluorescent), light tubes, domestic batteries, drinks containers and cardboard and paper packing in the IKEA recycling bins, generally located past the checkouts.


Also found throughout the store are these guys – which we think every store should have!

Reason #2 why we love IKEA

IKEA has a large selection of natural products that are 100% renewable.  They have an extensive line of Bamboo products ranging from small serving bowls right up to your kitchen table.  Cork is another 100% renewable product found throughout several IKEA products.













Reason #3 why we love IKEA

They have fun information guides on display throughout the store to help you understand more about the sustainable aspect of their business.  Next time you are there, take note of how many creative ways IKEA informs you of their mission to be environmentally friendly.