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Immunity Boosting Foods and Drinks

Tis the season for bugs, germs, viruses, runny noses, and the dreadful flu! While lots of parents think that the common cold or recurrent flus are just part of the course of having children in day care or school there are a few simple tips and tricks to ensure your little one stays healthy and happy this year! Check out these 4 simple, natural, and healthy immunity boosting foods and drinks for you and your kids below:


1. Probiotic Food & Drinks: Probiotics are the good bacteria that naturally occur in our guts. They help to protect our digestive tract, assist us in digesting food, help clean toxins from our system, and defend our body from invading bacteria & viruses. If this bacterial balance becomes disrupted, it reduces the child’s ability to effectively fend off infections.  To re-boost immunity function in children, try giving them probiotic rich drinks & foods such as: Kombucha, Kefir, Yogurt, Sauerkraut, Kimchi, or Probiotic Supplements.


2. Garlic & Ginger: Garlic is packed with antioxidants that help boost the immune system. Try sneaking it into recipes such as in soups or try making garlic tea which is great to treat coughs! Ginger is another very powerful anti-inflammatory that supercharges our immune system. Raw ginger can easily be mixed into smoothies or fresh green vegetable juice. You can also make tea out of ginger! Just grate 1 teaspoon of raw ginger into 1 cup of boiling water. Let it steep for 5 minutes, strain the ginger, add some honey and enjoy!

Immune booster foods

3. Fresh Green Vegetable Juice: Alright, to some people Fresh Green Vegetable Juice may not sound very appetizing – but you might be surprised by how delicious these vitamin filled drinks can be! Vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes are found in fresh fruits & vegetables which help our immune system perform at its best! Try making this quick and delicious Green Juice Drink – it is so good your kids will think they are drinking a treat! Recipe: 5 handfuls of spinach (about 3 cups), 3 kale leaves, 3 celery stalks (cut into pieces if making in blender) , ½ a cucumber (cut into slices if making in blender), ½ a whole lemon (remember to remove seeds), 2 apples (cut into pieces if making in a blender). Drink up and enjoy! For more recipes click Here!

green juice

4. Vitamin C & D: Load up on Vitamin C & D rich foods to help combat colds and the flu! Vitamin C is a very powerful anti-viral nutrient. Increase your Vitamin C supplements or eat Vitamin C rich foods like oranges and pomegranates when you feel a cold coming on. Vitamin D is another very important vitamin; it is a great supplement to take year round – especially here in Alberta when the days get shorter and we have less sunlight. You can also eat Vitamin D rich foods such as fish, canned tuna, portobello mushrooms, fortified milk & cereals, eggs, and broccoli. Vitamin D a day can definitely help keep the doctor away!



For more Natural Immunity Booster Tips visit this great blog post from Kuala Mama! Do you have any natural immunity booster tips or recipes? Please feel free to share below!