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Getting your new home ready for Spring!

So you’ve moved in over the winter and you’ve enjoyed the time spent warmly indoors. Your thermostat has been higher than normal and we don’t even want to look at your hot water bills. You’re losing an hour of sleep but the days are supposed to be getting longer. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel and that means it’s time to get ready for spring.

You’ve thought about spring cleaning but what about your spring home maintenance?

  • When the snow has melted away and you’ve stored your shovel, it’s time to put your rain spouts down to divert the spring showers away from your foundation.
  • This is usually a good time to check your furnace filter as well to see if it needs to be replaced, most people keep an eye on it every 4-6 months or when it looks like it might need a refresher.
  • Take a walk around outside your home to make sure the winter hasn’t damaged any exterior items like your shingles or siding.
  • Also peek into your basement window well and ensure you remove any debris that may have found its way in there over the winter (think branches or garbage).

So before the full on celebration of Spring’s arrival, take the time to give your new home the attention it deserves.