The Home Front Blog


Buying your first new home is a lot like getting married. You’ve thought about it for a long time, even imagined what it would look like, maybe the colours or the location. You always hope that everything will be perfect and unfortunately life doesn’t work that way. So my advice to those buying a new home is simple, manage expectations at the forefront so you’re not raging about all the hiccups along the way.

New builds are tricky, depending on the home style (duplex, single family, apartment condo or townhome) they have timelines that aren’t necessarily disclosed in detail to the customer. Your house is still a pile of dirt, what are they doing behind the scenes? The home builder is busy as a bee submitting your floor plan to engineering and the city to ensure approval and getting the proper permits which can take several weeks. Your house looks like it’s been sitting there for weeks, what else could possibly be happening? It’s raining, it’s snowing, your house just isn’t going – a lot of items can be delayed due to weather, this includes everything from grading, pouring your driveway, landscaping to exterior finishing.

It can be difficult when the home of your dreams is getting delayed but patience can go the distance in discouraging situations like this if you can stick to the positives.  1) You aren’t paying your new mortgage yet, 2) you have enough time to ensure a well-executed move and 3) you’ll soon be in the home you’ll want to live in, raise a family in and create memories will last lifetime. What are a few delayed days in the grand scheme of things?