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Email Etiquette and You

Did you know that email has now bypassed telephone communication as the most dominant form in business interactions?  With so many emails flying around, the number of poor email etiquette is running rampant as well – I’m sure a number of you can think of multiple instances where you’ve received emails that have made you question the sanity of the sender for just a moment.

Now I’m not here to talk about your personal email – whether you choose to send the 80million photos of kittens to your bff or a creepy stalker poem to your ex, it’s not my place to judge nor is it any of my business.  What I want to address is your professional email – work, school, or other.  Specifically I want to touch on an often overlooked part your email, your email signature.

Email signatures are a unique marketing tool that identifies who you are and how you may be reached.  While the majority of us would like to showcase our personalities and enhance our signatures with pictures, hyperlinks and font variations, there is a standard that should be considered.  Though seemingly uninteresting and a small detail, they convey and affect the tone of every email you create.

For your work email signature, here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Do not use quotes or slang in your signature  – everyone has a right to an opinion but save them for those you know well  and not for work related conversations
  • Do not use excessive formatting in your signature – this includes tinkering with font colours, sizes, adding photos, attachments, flash animation, and please no wallpaper!
  • Keep it simple! Do not provide superfluous information that isn’t related to what they will be looking for – this includes your skill set, resume and lifetime achievements
  •  Do not allow a spelling error or improper punctuation to go unnoticed – not reviewing this lead to the perception that you lack attention to detail and reflect negatively on your business and ability

Remember less is more and a good signature should look organized and clean. This is an extension of your company’s brand and yourself and should be treated as such!