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Best Uses for a Bonus Room or Flex Area              

When you buy a new home, on the second floor you may have a flex area or bonus room. You might be wondering why that space is there and how you and your family can best use it. At Rohit Communities, many of our homes come with a bonus room or flex area. We incorporate this space in your home not only to give you an extra functional space for you and your family to use, but also to maximize the square footage of your home! Rather than wasting square footage on hallways, why not make it a usable space for homeowners to get the most from your home.

We have some ideas and tips on how you can use the bonus room or flex area in your home:

1. Movie or Video Game Room

Perfect for late nights or lazy Sundays watching movies in, or even the video gamer in your family, bring in a couch, recliner chair and big screen TV and you’re all set!

2. Library or Reading Nook

You have an endless number of books and no place to put them! Why not convert your flex area into a library and reading sanctuary, the optimal place to cozy up and read into your next adventure.

3. Children’s Playroom

Your kids have many toys, and you don’t want to crowd your main floor living space in case you have company coming over. Your flex area can make the perfect play room for playing or toy storage.

4. Exercise Space

No more driving to the gym, just walk into your flex area and work up a sweat in your own home gym!

5. Home Office or Homework Area

You need a space to work away from the hustle and bustle of your household’s main floor kitchen, dining or living room. Create your own home office or homework area for you or your kids to work or study in peace and quiet.

6. Games Rooms

Are you into arcade games? Foosball, air hockey, or darts? Create the ultimate games room in your bonus room!