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The Art of Mixing Finishes

It used to be that people chose one color and one style for their hardware and that was it, but in recent years people have started using different color combinations and different styles within the same room. Mixing hardware finishes is a great way to add style and dimension to a space and it’s a fun way to infuse a little personality.

The Do’s and Don’ts :


Mix shiny finishes with matte finishes, and warm finishes with cool finishes. The old saying “opposites attract” is as true with hardware finishes as it is with anything else.


Worry if major contrast isn’t for you. Hues that are similar can also work very well together. Mixing finishes like polished chrome and polished nickel can add subtle dimension to a space, same with a matte and polished finish.


Pick two or three finishes and use them throughout the whole house. Choosing one or two as the dominant finishes and accenting with a third is very common in the design world.  Of course, staying with the same metal finish is what we are used to seeing, mixed metals are a fun way to go as well. They create more of an eclectic “collected over time” look, but are not taboo. Mixing metals is definitely not the “faux pas” it was in the past. There’s more latitude than one might think when it comes to mixing and matching as this also allows you to bring different finishes into your décor, while creating a cohesive look.  An example of this would be in your kitchen or bathroom; the faucets may be in a brushed or chrome finish, with a contrasting finish on the cabinet hardware, the dynamics of the contrast allows each element to have its own identity and gives you some flexibility on adding your own personal touch with décor.

As seen in the December issue of Closets Magazine there is a “Growing Demand for Hardware” as a 2018 trend! They note that decorative knobs and pulled are described as jewelry for cabinets, thus increasing demand for hardware. The article notes a preview of what hardware manufacturers are predicting for the coming year:

“‘We’re seeing that the gold and satin bronze tones are still really hot, along with the contrasting finish of matte black, so we’re gearing up our line for some additions in those finishes. The trend is still leaning towards soft curves and clean lines in both thinner and beefier designs and everyone wants a unique contemporary look,’ said a spokesperson from Hardware Resources.”1


Closets Magazine. (2017). Growing demand for hardware. Available: Last accessed 15 December 2017.