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Adding Value to Your Home

At Rohit Communities, we ensure that our homeowners get the most out of their home, enabling them not only to relish their time during while they live in that home, but also afterwards for resale value. Here are a few of the things that we at Rohit incorporate in your new home to help add value to your living space.*

1. Quartz or Granite Countertops

As a manufactured product, quartz is very durable and gives the look of natural stone. It won’t chip or crack easily, and it is easy to clean! At Rohit, depending on which designer interior** you select, quartz or granite come standard in your kitchen.  You can also choose to get the same great feeling by adding the same quartz countertops in your bathrooms as you get in the kitchen.

2. Flooring

Laminate flooring is durable and can resist moisture, scratches and daily wear and tear. On the other side, with hardwood being the real deal, this can add great value to your home as it adds to the aura and feel on the entire home while giving you a long lasting material at the same time. You can get the feeling of the new home even after 10 years once you polish the hardwood to match the original.

Some Rohit homes even come with luxury vinyl tile flooring which is durable, waterproof, dent resistant, warm on your feet, quiet and very easy to maintain!

3. Fireplace

Enjoy the warmth of a fireplace which sits right in the living room. Even better, your fireplace is tiled to match the overall style of the house. Not only is a great focal point in your living space, it helps to make your living room cozy and warm during those cold winter nights!

4. Designer Lighting

Rohit homes come with a curated selection of light fixtures for your designer home. These includes the dining light, pendant lights above the kitchen island, stairwell lights, and vanity and flush mount lights for the rooms!

5. Attention to detail – Never missed

At Rohit Communities, we have carefully thought about each detail and all finishes for you. We truly believe that these little details add to the overall look, feel and value of your home. Whether they be the cabinet door hardware or hinges, tiles and schluter, we ensure that they perfectly match the style of designer interior or your home and contribute to create a custom curated, magazine worthy home for you and your family at a standard price point, no upgrades required!

*Variations depend on floor plan or designer interior selected. **Designer interiors presented are applicable to Edmonton and Calgary regions only.