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5 Super-Easy DIY Holiday Decorations

1.  The Gift Box Topiaries
      Gift Box Topiairies

After you frantically finish your gift-wrapping frenzy
this holiday season, why not take the festivities outside?
We’re really loving these ingenious gift box topiaries
that we’ve been seeing around on the web this season.
An inexpensive but creative alternative to the original
topiary will have your home looking like a holiday favourite!


2.  Giant Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Popsicle Stick Snowflakes
These giant snowflakes take the title of this blog a little
too seriously. With some Popsicle sticks, a hot glue gun,
some ribbon, and a little paint you can take your holiday
decorations from glum to great! Hang them on some
plain walls or in the window to show your love for the
winter season.

3.  Hot Chocolate Bar

Hot Chocolate Bar
This one not only looks great but serves as a cold remedy as well.
Dedicate a small space in your home to this decadent treat any
way you see fitting! We’re loving the rustic Mason jar look but this
simple holiday addition will look fantastic no matter what you do!

4.  Candle Holder Wine Glasses

Candle Holder Wine Glasses
Fill the wine glasses with any festive ornament that you find around
the house – mistletoe, tree ornaments, anything! This DIY isn’t just
great for winter either, you can change it up for any season depending
on what you want to put in the glasses. Another super-easy project
that will be sure to make your holiday décor stand out.

5.  Pinecone Place Holders

Pine Cone Holder 2
If you’re planning on having a big holiday dinner this year place
holders might be a great addition to the table décor! Whether they’re
labeling your parents spot at the table or the delicious food in the
crock-pot they’ll definitely tie the whole thing together. Check out
what we’ve posted below, then add your own twist!