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5 Creative Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint!


Want to add some creative and decorative elements to your home that is both affordable and functional? Chalkboard paint is the way to go! This versatile paint is both durable, erasable, and washable, and provides families the ability to turn any surface into a useful chalkboard. Check out our 5 creative ways to use chalkboard paint for your home:

1. Wall Quotes

Inspiration is everywhere, especially if words of encouragement are floating on the walls of your home. Create moving or fun messages on your wall that can be changed daily, weekly, or monthly. Let your inner Picasso shine by writing these quotes in flowy, bold, or italic fonts along with some fun chalk sketches!


2. Calendar (Reminders)

Not only are chalkboard walls useful for writing inspiring and silly messages, they are also a great way to organize your entire family’s schedule. No more forgetting your daughter’s dance lesson, Jimmy’s soccer game, or wine night with the girlfriends. A chalkboard calendar will help keep everyone on the same page and can include little daily or weekly reminders to help every mom and dad feel a little bit less stressed during the week.

Chalkboard Calendar

3. Menu

“Hey Good Lookin, whatcha got cookin?” Jimmy Buffet isn’t the only one curious about what’s for dinner this week. Why not display your weekly menu in the kitchen for the whole family to see! This is also a great idea to help with grocery shopping and meal planning throughout the week. Sit down with your hubby and kids Sunday afternoons to determine the upcoming weeks meals. By knowing what you are going to be eating for the week ahead of time and writing it down on the chalkboard for everyone to see, cooking dinner will feel less like a rushed chore. It will also help you to provide healthy meals that are nutritious and delicious that the whole family will enjoy!

menu board

4. Hanging Board

Hanging chalkboards are super easy and simple to make or buy. They can easily be hung up and instantly add rustic charm to any space. You can make your own hanging chalkboard or even buy some from Hanging chalkboards have become really popular at weddings, but feel free to start incorporating them into your home.


5. Drawing Wall

Have you ever heard horror stories of kids drawing all over their parents stunning white walls with crayons and markers? Or maybe you’ve experienced it yourself! Why not provide a fun surface for your kids to write and draw on that can be easily erased and cleaned. Chalkboard drawing walls provide great entertainment for kids and can be an awesome way to show off your kids art skills.
Drawing Wall

So feel free to get creative and have fun with chalkboard paint! Which idea do you want to try first?