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5 Baby Things You Need Right Now, Baby or No Baby

As my baby turns into a little boy right before my misty eyes, I find myself packing up things he’s outgrown on an almost daily basis. This may be due to the fact that we purchased way too much stuff, but that’s a blog for another day.

There are however, several “baby” items that I am not packing up.  Like, ever.  In fact there are some items that I can’t believe only recently came into my life.  Here’s a list of 5 items you need, whether you have a baby or not.  Disclaimer: I have a touch of undiagnosed OCD.

  1. The strange grass thing for drying baby bottles

Grass Grass2

Thank you Boon, this thing is the Bomb. We’ve all been there, you wash your (wine)glass and lay it upside down on a dish towel to dry.  Next day, still wet inside.  Not to bore you with the science but it’s because air can’t get in there.  The grass drying rack is perfect.  You can also slide knives between the blades of “grass” and no more water marks!  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Just get one.

  1. Baby Wipes

I’ve always been a fan of wipes and a large variety of cleaning products exist in wipe form in my house.  But baby wipes are different.  Whatever your lifestyle, wipes work. They can be used to clean up small spills, clean dirty pet paws, gentle enough to wash your face with, remove make-up, clean up after a big plate of wings, and so on.  You can also keep them out in the open because they’re non-toxic. And as baby turns to toddler, more wipes are most definitely needed.


  1. Baskets

I am a basketcase. There are baskets everywhere in my house.  Baby stuff is so small, I found myself picking up more and more baskets to keep things tidy. The ultimate organizer, baskets come in so many shapes and sizes you can get one to fit ANYWHERE.   You can even get one that fits around the drain in the cabinet under your sink. Someone was really thinking there. You know your junk drawer?  Not so junky with a few dollar store baskets. Drawers, cabinets, closets for sure, but a nice pretty basket can also go out in the open.  On top of your kitchen cabinets, under your coffee table, if you can dream it, you can basket 🙂

  1. Car seat organizer

I know you can get these in the automotive section but I initially picked one up in the baby aisle to organize the aforementioned too much stuff we bought for baby.  I’ve culled the baby stuff, but these back seat organizers are awesome for everything!

  1. Goldfish

The snack, not the pet. It’s kind of like a mini Ritz cracker. Only better. You’re welcome.